Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Year, New Adventure

It has been a long time since I have posted, but LOTS has been going on. Here's a quick summary because I am typing on my phone and the battery is almost dead:

Offer on the house, trip to Colorado (turned out a week later to be for nothing because the new house fell through) dance recitals, Christmas parties, lots of cleaning and packing at 2 am, lots of tears and hugs as we said goodbye to great friends, moving a week after Christmas, driving 2 cars, 2 kids, 1 baby and a dog over icy roads for 12 hours, waiting a week to move into our new home, finding new schools, new insurance, new doctors, new dentists, new dance studio, colds for everyone and the dog staying with my mom until we move into our house!

That's our New Year in a nutshell. I am so ready for things to settle down. Our moving truck comes on Sunday, then the unpacking begins!


Robyn said...

Oh, what a rollercoaster we've been on!! I'm glad you're finally moving forward.. you guys deserve nothing but the best and it'll all work out.. this will be another funny for our cruise conversation ;)
miss you a ton ton ton!!

whitney said...

I would LOVE to see you <3
There's also a bunch of us with babes who get together on fridays usually for coffee sometimes a walk ~ you and the girls are welcome to come anytime!
I'm usually pretty open, just let me know what works for you!


mariann and Tory said...

We drove past the house yesterday and Madi was like"Shanna moved...I wonder when she will come and visit?" We are excited for you guys! Keep posting so we can stay in touch! Glad you made it safe!