Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break

We had such a fun week! We planned at least one fun activity a day. The weather was great and we had fun playing in the sun. We went to the park, the farm, the library, ice skating, Chuck E Cheese, Fort Fun, bike rides, walks, the fair, watched tv and movies.... It was fun to show the girls more of the town where we grew up!

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Monday, March 09, 2009

A Kaci-ism

One more for today (Can you tell I found some computer time tonight?)

It is always a struggle in the morning doing Kaci's hair. Her hair is so easy to do curly (get it wet, scrunch it up, and you're done.) But, she wants straight hair like Shanna and me. I can do it, but it means I get it wet, blow dry it and curl the ends. (And convince a 4 year old to hold still for all of that.)

This morning, we had the conversation again. This time I tried a new approach. I told her that Tyler's hair is curly. She thought about it, and said "but Daddy's hair is brown." I said that it was blonde when he was a little boy. She thought about it for a while and then said...

"Well, what happened? Did he eat too much chocolate?"

Tyler's Photos

I love it that Tyler has found his escape from all of the craziness and stress. When he comes home from being at the lake taking pictures, he is so relaxed and happy. These are some of the amazing pictures he has taken.
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Tyler has been going out to a reservoir to take pictures of eagles right by our house. This picture is just amazing to me. I think I'll have it framed for his office. I'll post some of his pictures of eagles next...
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The Front Door...

I have waited a long time to post these pictures... Our front door in Utah was "The Picture Place" It was the backdrop of so many happy memories and great pictures. If I could have taken down the door and brought it with us, believe me I would have. These are the last pictures in front of that door (unless we get crazy and run up and take some before the cops come sometime in the future!)

Also, here is a picture of the wall in the garage where we measured the girls. Don't worry, we wrote it all down and have a new chart now that I transferred the data on to. And last, every great cowboy rides off into the sunset, here are some great pictures Tyler took from our backyard before we left.

It is very bittersweet to look back at the pictures now that we are settled here. The house and yard don't even come CLOSE to comparing to our last house. But, this is temporary. The reward of having our families close is priceless and we are really enjoying being here. We miss our friends and familiar settings, but I am hopeful to keep our friendships (You know who you are!!!) and create new familiar settings. Who knows... maybe we'll even have a new "Picture Place" soon!
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Dance Recital... 3 months ago

I know, I have lots to catch up on. Right now I am like a kid who is supposed to be doing homework, but is doing something much more fun instead. Here are pictures from the girls' dance recital in DECEMBER. (Hey, cut me some slack, we were in the process of moving!)
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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Look At Me!

Sara is pretty pleased with her new mobile abilities!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandad!

We had a fun Mexican Fiesta celebrating my Dad's birthday! It is so great to be here, able to celebrate special days like this!

Dad, I hope you had a great birthday! I love you!

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Friday, March 06, 2009


Tyler and I got to go out for a while by ourselves tonight. (THANKS MOM!) It is so great to be able to laugh and relax and enjoy being with him. We went (gasp) shopping... something that would normally be a grouchy time ("Put that back, no we're NOT buying that... I SAID put that back..." Have you ever been shopping with three kids?) But we joked and looked at the things we wanted to, and it was great.

I feel like my battery has been recharged. We got home, and it was refreshing to see three sets of sparkly eyes smiling at us! (Except Kaci burst into tears when we got home and asked if we could go on another date, she wasn't ready for Nana to leave!)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Circle of... teeth

Shanna lost one... Kaci has most of them... Sara is working on getting her first one.

I had no idea that Shanna had a loose tooth. Maybe I was in denial because she has no permanent tooth to fit the space where this baby tooth fell out. I should be grateful that this is the only short coming I have seen in her life. She is beautiful, smart, healthy, sweet... but she has no new tooth there. We now have to figure that out.

She started the day by brushing her teeth like normal, eating breakfast like normal, but then came home from school with a tooth hanging out in a kinda (really) gross way. We told her she could choose whatever dinner she wanted if she would just pull it and end the agony. (Don't get me started on the drama on loosing her last tooth...)She picked a chicken salad from Smashburger and American Idol on TV, I said "Wahoo, I don't have to pull a tooth!"

On a different note, Sara is working on getting her first tooth. I was so excited for Shanna to get her first tooth, I was thrilled when Kaci cut her first one, but the THIRD time around, I am a little smarter and am already saying "OW" about Sara getting her first tooth. She has been really fussy and not sleeping well, so I guess it will be a good thing for her (and me) when it finally cuts.

Kaci is just the sweetest girl... writing a letter to the Tooth Fairy, telling her that she brushes her teeth really well, and hopes hopes hopes that her tooth will be the newest star in the sky soon!

I am just lucky to be on every stage of the journey with these sweet girls.