Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yard Work Saturday

Kaci had trash duty

Friday, September 26, 2008

Slave Labor

Hello World, This is Sara. I am just a baby and you won't believe what this crazy lady made me do today. First of all, she should hold me. all day. Right?

Well, today, she didn't. She actually wanted me to take a nap. In my cradle.

It is her purpose in life to hold me and make me happy, right?

So, this is what happened next....

First, she made me SIT UP... for a long time. It was hard.

Then she made me do laundry. You all know how much my Mommy HATES to do laundry, right? Well, she hates it so much, I had to help.

I did manage to learn something from my sisters about goofing off, and I ended up playing "this little piggy" more than I folded towels.

So, how was your day?

i like my thumb

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

There's A Robot On The Potty

You thought I was kidding, didn't you??

What would you name this picture?

  • Potty Protector
  • Warning: Don't open the lid
  • Seat's Taken
  • Look before you sit
No, I have no idea why this robot was placed here. It was one of the first things I saw this morning (I think one eye was still closed.) I think we can all guess who put it there!!

Dinner Was Funny

Tonight we grabbed a pizza after Shana's dance and came home to eat. Kaci asked for Parmesan cheese on hers.

I said "No, we're doing easy tonight."

She said "Can we do hard in the morning?"

She was serious... not trying to be funny. She just wanted to know if she could have Parmesan cheese on her pizza tomorrow!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pure Joy

Do you remember the warm summer nights as a kid, sitting on a swing and just feeling happy?

Creepy Crawly

Tyler found three webs and spiders attached to some plants in our pond. You can't really see the true colors of it because of the flash, but they were yellow and black and gross. The webs were really cool though. I googled it and I think it is a yellow garden spider, which is harmless. You never know what you'll find lurking in our backyard!

Peeking yet again

Laughter is a great way to start the week! This is SO me...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Kaci or Sara??

This is crazy!! We were looking through pictures today and realized that Kaci and Sara could be twins as babies!! Try to guess who is who. Comment with your answers!




Happy Birthday Kim!!

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It's So Good To Be A Baby!

Sweet Happy Girl

Pretty Girl

Oh Leave Me Alone Already!

Sitting Up!!

Look at this big girl, sitting up! I love this baby stage where she can hold her head up and is getting chubby!

"Man Friend"

If Shanna sees this post, she'll have a fit. BUT, it is too cute that I am going to post it anyways. Someday, I'll want to remember it.

She has had a crush on Robyn's son, Jacob on and off since kindergarten. I guess it's on again. She came home from school and said, "guess who likes me?" Without waiting for me to guess, she said "JACOB!"

She said her friend told him at lunch that Shanna likes him, and that he said "YES!" (Her cheeks are all rosy as she is telling me this!)

I asked her if that meant he was her boyfriend now.

She said, "Yeah, I guess... but actually I think of him more as my MAN FRIEND!!!"

What does that mean?? (Other than we are in BIG trouble when she is a teenager!)

Holding Still

My lovely, sweet Kaci was not being so lovely and sweet this morning. I was trying to get her ready and she was extra wiggly. She was dancing and bopping her head as I tried to do her hair.

I said: Kaci, Hold Still Please

She continued to dance and sing and wiggle.

I said: Kaci, Please Hold Still

She continued to dance and sing and wiggle.

I said Kaci, HOLD STILL (Notice how I lost the politeness in my voice?)

That got her attention a little, and she held still for a few seconds, but then continued to dance and sing and wiggle.


I am not joking even a bit about how she answered that. She looked at me with the sweetest eyes, and in the most serious voice, she said:

The holding still part

I love my kids. I lost every ounce of my bad mood and we laughed together! (She did hold still after that and her hair even turned out cute!)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall Cleaning

Luckily for me, spring comes twice a year here. It is still over 100* every day, but there are signs of it cooling off. My tomatoes have lots of new blooms, my potted flowers are starting to grow again... And with two springs, comes two spring cleanings! It is so hot during the summer here, I feel like doing NOTHING. And being so sick and tired while I was pregnant really made everything pile up.

I have been checking items off of the "to do list" left and right. I have been cleaning, sorting and pitching. (Please don't tell my kids, I have been very sneaky about it, and they haven't noticed one thing gone yet!)

I have been doing at least one big project a day. My closet, bathroom, GARAGE are all done! Last night, I did the unthinkable. I dusted and redecorated the plant shelf in the living room. This might make me never want to show my face again, but in the four years that we have lived here, I have never gotten up there to dust. Yikes.

Next up on the list are the office and the playroom. The playroom gets a trash bag of papers and other junk removed at least once a month. But still, it might be a project that takes several days.

I hate the cleaning and sorting, but I must say how much organized my brain feels after I have completed a room! And everyone is happier when the Mom's brain is organized!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dinner Funnies

I know... I have been so bad at posting lately. What can I say? Life is great, busy and dramatic all at the same time. Who knew an 8 year old could have emotions like a teenager? Anyways, I have laughed a lot this week. Here are my two of my favorite times:

1. We were pet sitting for Robyn. (I think I am just going to start calling her my sister) We walked in and Tyler said:

The fish is dead.

Oh come on... what are the chances that a pet dies when you are pet sitting? One of the other times I was pet sitting, I gave her guinea pigs away. (BTW, she asked me to)

So, I dealt with it. Flush, swish... etc... I even asked if she wanted me to go buy a new one so that her kids wouldn't be devastated.

Well, fast forward to when they got home. We invited her and the kids over to dinner (I was cooking salmon on the grill.)

Her sweet little boy walks in the door and says "where did you do with the fish?"

And I said: "I put it on the grill"

He wasn't talking about the salmon.

Did he eat fish for dinner that night?


2. Tonight at dinner I was sick and tired of Shanna picking at her food. I said the typical Mom thing-that-you're-supposed-to-say-when-your-kids-pick-at-their-food:

"I am not in the mood for this tonight"

Then Kaci said, "Maybe Dad is"

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"As long as she's not..."

That's what Tyler said the other night when the kids were playing outside. Obviously something is up when it's quiet. We peeked outside and saw that Shanna was attaching the disc swing to the other side of the play set. That's when Tyler said "As long as she's not building a zip line..."

I looked back outside, and sure enough, she was building a zip line!

We peeked through the blinds with our camera, documenting the adventure but ready to run out there the second she started to put Kaci into the seat!

She didn't make it quite that far, she came inside to ask for help with a knot and then told us her plan. We asked if she was really thinking of putting her sister in the seat, and she said that she was, but she would have tested the strength of the zip line with wood chips in the seat first.

At least she was thinking about safety tests at some level.. right?

Here is Miss Engineer, with her loyal side kick, ready to do anything her big sister says

Attaching the seat to the zip line

Admiring her handiwork

I suggested that maybe it could be a zip line for some stuffed animals. She asked if she could paint faces on rocks and use it for "rock people" I said "Sure" (But what I was really thinking was "as long as the zip line doesn't turn into a sling shot!")

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sweet Baby

Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Fight For Her Soul

This is Sara's first football season, last year she was tucked snug and secure under my Tom Brady jersey, and occasionally under my Bronco shirt. (It got kinda tight and they weren't great enough for me to buy a bigger shirt.)

But now that she's here, it is a race to outfit her in the right team colors! I'm wondering how I get the attention of the Patriots so that they would send me free stuff? I think I'll be doing some shopping soon, just in case their package gets lost in the mail. I wouldn't want Tyler to sneak a Peyton Manning shirt on her.

Oh yea, it's that big of a deal!

Friday, September 05, 2008

What does Shanna do after school?

She does her homework and feeds her sister! I love you, Shanna!

Date Night

No, not with each other, but separate with our girls. They love to go on dates, especially with Tyler because he is so much fun!

Shanna and Tyler went to dinner and a movie. (Should I be jealous?)

Kaci, Sara and I warmed up some dinner, and then Kaci wanted a bath in my big tub. (She likes to swim in it like it's a swimming pool.) Since Shanna will come home smiling, I had to figure out how to make the night special. So, she got hot cocoa in her bath, with my special sunshine mug. (It's a hands off, "Mommy only" cup.) She is pretty happy, and Sara is happy just being held and fed!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

How Is It September Already?!?

I've been waiting for something interesting or funny to post, but I guess it's just one of those normal weeks.

Sara has her first cold. It is so sad. I slept last night sitting up holding her so that she could breathe. It is just a stuffy nose, but for a baby, that's still rough. She's happy as long as I am holding her.

We finished planting the garden for fall... It is going to be a crowded mess again because I can't pick just a few things to grow! We planted lots of herbs,lettuce, beets, peas, beans, pumpkins, squash... And then we still have tomatoes, artichokes and onions and strawberries left from the summer. When the tomatoes are done, I'll start carrots and more onions. I love seeing the new sprouts come up!

It has started to cool off, which I love. I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation when the summer is over here! I can't wait to be outside more!