Thursday, October 30, 2008

Questions that you don't want to answer

The other day in the car, Kaci peppered me with questions. They came fast and she was persistent.

They started innocent like:

  • How does a radio work?
  • How are cars made?
  • Why do cows moo?
  • How are clocks made?
Then came the kicker....

"Well, how are persons made?"

I remembered Dr. Phil's advice on this, so I gave her a little information and then waited to see if she'd ask more. I told her "God makes people"

The car got really quiet. (If Kaci is quiet, she is either into something or is thinking really hard) So, I tried to change the subject. I asked her if she could see the baby cows out the window.

She said "well, back to the how you make persons, I have a question." (oh great. I don't really want to have this talk right now....)

"Does God have an assembly line when he makes people?" (like how I told her cars were made.) "I wouldn't want to be the guy who plugs the eyeballs in!"

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Birthday Grandma! Sorry this is a day late... but we were thinking about you!Hope you had fun!!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Through Kaci's Eyes

Moving is a hard concept for kids. Kaci has never moved and I don't think she has even seen anyone move. She was devastated when we told her we were going to sell our house. We let her talk for a while, and now I can understand. Here's what she's worried about:

  • That we were going to pack a suitcase like when we go on vacation, and never see the rest of our stuff again. After we told her we could take everything, she keeps coming up with new questions like, Can we bring my bike/bed/lamp/rug/toothbrush/dog/table/toys etc..
  • She doesn't like that we leave our house when we have a showing. We are letting strangers in. I explained how a realtor makes sure the people don't take anything, and that they can't have the key unless we give them the permission. She said "but still, they are strangers and they shouldn't be here."
  • She loves this house and doesn't want a new one
  • The play set that Daddy built can't come with us
  • I talked about selling our trampoline so that we don't have to move it and then get a new one after we move. (Oh yeah, Mom of the Year moment... I said "we can find the same one because the store where I bought it... oh I mean there are places in Colorado that probably sell the same trampoline that Santa made for you... nice)
All valid points through the eyes of a 4 year old. Shanna is just beyond excited, and Kaci is when I remind her that we'll be able to see her grandparents lots after we move.

She told my Dad on the phone the other day "I'll see you in a few years when we move to Colorado" (I don't know if "a few years" to her means tomorrow, or in a few months, or if she doesn't really think we are going to move.)

Then, last night she was being onery and I told her that after we move, I'm just going to send her to Grandma's house if she's naughty (Sorry Grandma, I won't really do that) She said "cool" So then I said that Grandma will make her scrub her kitchen floors. She got really serious and said:

"I'll never be naughty again after we move to Colorado."

Can I get that in writing?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Repeat After Me: SLEEP IS GOOD

Last night was night 3 of no sleep. Getting them to GO to sleep, and then STAYING asleep... Having 3 kids between 8 and 4 months, we saw it all last night. What they need to realize, is that I am a MUCH happier person with a little (ok more than a little) sleep. If they want a happy Mommy, they better learn to sleep at night!!

Any Barney fans out there? Sing with me... "Everybody needs a nap you know...."

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun At The Corn Maze

We took the girls to the corn maze yesterday. (Which by the way is in the field behind our house) It was fun getting lost and letting them choose which way to go! After experiencing our adventure, I'd be worried if they really got lost in a corn field! It was funny... we came out by the haunted maze patch. At least it wasn't dark when we were there...(they only do the Haunted Maze after dark) or it would have been a disaster! Can you imagine running through the dark corn maze with three kids being traumatized??

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I don't make this stuff up

This morning, I actually said:

Band-aids are not stickers and it's not ok to decorate the couch with either.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Rag Dolls

Last weekend, Shanna asked me if we could make some rag dolls. (Sure, don't you keep rag doll supplies and patterns on hand?) After saying "NO" about seven times, I started thinking about if I wanted to be the Mom who always says "no" or if my kids would look back on their childhood and say "we did cool stuff"

So, out came the sewing machine and scrap fabric and patterns from the internet. They are so pleased with how they turned out!

Silly Sara

Sara has developed such a cute personality!

"I'll eat you!!"

"Are you talking to me?"

Ever laughed so hard you fell over?

Sunshine Girl

Thursday, October 16, 2008


This is going to be a surprising post.

We have put our house on the market. The house that we have brought 2 new babies home to, the house where so many memories have been made, the house where tears have been shed and happy times have been celebrated. We have worked and worked to landscape the yard, build a play set and pond, create a huge garden, and also to maintain it all.

But... When we moved to Southern Utah 9 years ago, we never meant for it to be forever. We wanted a little distance to start our life together and then move back closer to our families. Little did we know how hard it would be to pull up the roots. Tyler and I have learned to trust and rely on eachother. We have created an environment for our family which is unique, but works well for us. We have been through just about every emotion together, as well as some drastic highs and lows. I don't believe it was necessary to be out on our own in this world to have the strong relationship that we do, but there were definately times it would have been easier to ask for help rather than figuring it out on our own.

For the first time since we have lived here, we are no longer tied to partners and obligations. If we don't take this opportunity to move closer to our families, I am afraid that we may never have the chance again before our kids are grown. I want them to really know their grandparents. I want to be able to see our parents more. I want to be closer to help them with things and also to be able to have their support at times.

So while I am excited for that goal to happen, I am very anxious about the unknowns. Life is comfortable here. We love our house, our friends, our neighbors. We have a great dance studio and schools for our kids. I know where things are at in my favorite stores. We have doctors and dentists that we trust. We have a pretty comfortable routine. All of that is about to be uprooted and changed. Will I know how to put all of the pieces back together?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sisterly Advice

The girls crack me up when they shower. Their voices echo through the house, but they don't know that! They have some pretty cute "confidential" discussions. Tonight Shanna was giving out advice on boys.

"Hey Kaci, do you want to know how to tell if a boy likes you? Trip in front of him. If he likes you, he'll help you up!"

Does anyone else have visions of being back in high school and falling flat on your face in front of the coolest boy in school and all of his friends? That didn't happen to me, but there was one painful day that involved me on a bike and a Jeep full of older boys driving by...They didn't stop to help by the way. Neither did the owner of the parked car!

No girls, I don't think this is the best way to find out if he likes you! But I'll never tell that I heard the conversation either.

Lazy Friday Morning

Saturday mornings are not so relaxing anymore, but today was. Tyler and I had a nice hot quiet breakfast together after Shanna and Kaci went to school. Sara sat with us, peaceful and happy... It was a great start to my favorite day of the week!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I don't wanna grow up...

Being responsible sucks. I wanted to grow up so bad when I was little... now some days I just wish my parents could tuck me into bed again and the only responsibility I had to deal with was going to school.

Being Responsible means...

  • Taking 2 kids to the dentist in one day and trying not to flinch when one throws up because of gag reflexes and the other has a panic attack over having sealants redone
  • Scheduling flu shots for everyone and 4 month shots for the baby (and knowing what that day will be like!)
  • Cleaning the play room for 2 hours today and having it messy again tonight
  • Trying to fit all of the tree branches in the trash tonight so that I can trim more next week
  • I would tell you more (because there is lots) but I have to go right now and change another diaper and rock a cranky baby to sleep
It has been a day... At least tomorrow is Friday, right??

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Our Sweet Kaci

I love putting together these slide shows of our girls. I forget how much they change month by month. Here's a look back at the past four years with Kaci.

Kaci, you are so sweet. You can make anyone's day happy. You are so loved!

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Birthday Pictures

Here are some pictures from Kaci's birthday

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It's All Fun and Games Until...

Remember the "Angry Clown" pictures?

Well, it turns out that Kaci is allergic to face paint.

Yeah... go ahead and scroll down to see the pictures again. Notice how much of that little face is covered with face paint.

She woke up yesterday with a red rash on each cheek in the shape of a heart. (She had her face painted with hearts on Saturday for her birthday party.) Then, today she woke up with the rest of her face covered with a rash.

It looks like the poor kids has an infectious disease. Does anyone want to borrow her to get out of a social obligation?

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Angry Clowns

I have some great birthday pictures to post, but it will have to wait until tomorrow when I can sort through them all. But now, I will share some pictures of "Angry Clowns. "

The girls asked permission to paint each other's faces. I was expecting maybe some messy hearts and flowers...Not Angry Clowns.

Don't even ask me what got into them or what values I am teaching them. I have no idea. I really thought twice about posting this, but it was too funny not to. At least they didn't get to Sara.

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That's what Kaci said to Tyler tonight when he told her that "Special Piggy" was in her room. (I guess the real "Special Piggy" was on the couch.) You see, there are 2 identical "Special Piggies" Just like a mother can tell her newborn twins apart, so can Kaci with Special Piggy. One is special, one is just a pig.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

My Baby (And my rambling thoughts at 1am)

Tomorrow (well technically today) is Kaci's birthday. I still see her as "My Baby." I know that Sara is an infant, but Kaci still hasn't grown up in my mind. I still think of her as a baby, needing me every step of the way.

It catches me off guard when I realize that she is not so little anymore. Shanna seemed so grown up when she was turning 4. With Kaci, I just wish time could move slower. She is growing so fast, from her feet looking foreign and big, to her intelligent mind. (Ask her how to spell YELLOW or what her phone number is.) I think I blinked too long and now she is a little girl.

She is such a joy... she is happy and funny and sweet. She is also a mystery card. You never know when she's going to throw a kink in the day. I am terrified to take her to a restaurant because she has this thing that if she puts too much food in her mouth, she chokes and throws up. Yeah, not so much fun in public. Also this week, I found that she has a PHOBIA of firefighters. (Not just like "oooh... they're scary." Her face turned pale and she got shaky when I told her they were coming to her school.) Yet at the end of the day, her sweet kiss makes everything happy, and her sweet snuggles in the morning make my day start great.

I have been getting ready for her Tinkerbell party tonight... the presents are wrapped (thanks to Daddy) her room is decorated (thanks to Daddy) her cupcakes are made and the party activities are ready to go.

I'll tell you about her cupcakes if you won't get mad at me for making you fat. I'm serious. White Chocolate... Cream Cheese (2 packages) ........ (Do you feel your hips getting wider??) Well, just wait a minute... and a CUP of BUTTER.

I had a little taste. I have been so good working out and eating healthy, but this recipe sparked my interest. Cream cheese and chocolate... yum.

I do have a safeguard in place for not eating too much... I put it on cupcakes. (I know, it is weird, but I don't like cake) AND I made the frosting PINK. Food coloring weirds me out. I think this is due to "Green Eggs and Ham Day" as a kid. Scrambled Eggs should not be green.

Here's another confession: I get tears in my eyes when we sing Happy Birthday to my kids. I feel like their whole life flashes in front of me, from the moment I found out I was pregnant, to the first time I heard their cry, to their first steps, to their first day of school... Their birthdays are special and exciting to them, but they are also a defining moment in my life.

Tonight, I am remembering 4 years ago, the sleepless night before I had Kaci. Knowing that at 5:30 am I had to check into the hospital and that I would soon meet this new person growing inside of me. Tomorrow I will remember Kaci's first cry and how emotional it was for me. I will remember the amazing bond of sisterhood that I saw when Shanna fed her from a tube attached to her finger. I will also remember the look in Tyler's eyes when he held Kaci for the first time. He is such an amazing Daddy and I love the unique bond that he shares with each of our girls and how it has been special and unique from the first time he held them.

So, Happy Birthday to my special daughter. Congratulations to Tyler and me for the last 4 years of raising this mysterious gift... Thank you to Shanna for helping so much and being so patient with her sister and also with us....

Kaci, I hope that today will be special and happy and fun. You are so sweet and spunky and adorable! Love, Mommy