Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Taco Bell Birthday Girl

We don't go out to eat very much. Getting 3 kids to behave and enjoy paying too much has to be worth it, so when we do go out, it is somewhere fairly nice. A few months ago, we were discussing where to go out, and Kaci requested Taco Bell. I told her that we were not going to go there, and probably never would. She thought about it for a minute, and said (in a sing song voice) "We Will S-OOoomeday!!!"

So, guess where she asked to go for her birthday dinner? Mmmhmmmm... She could have picked ANY restaurant, or had her Mom who is taking culinary classes make her ANYTHING, and she picked Taco Bell!

Do you know how easy and cheap it was to make her day??? It was the BEST part of her birthday, she walked/danced in the door with her birthday dress and tiara, and the whole meal was magical. She sampled everyone's food and loved every bite! In fact, when she was going to bed that night, I asked her what her favorite part of her birthday was. In her sweet sleepy voice, she said "Taco Bell!"

Even when we saw that the employees couldn't even hang a sign right side up, we still walked in the door and trusted they could read instructions on how to prepare a taco!

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Have Mercy

We had a fun time celebrating her birthday. She asked for a scooter for her birthday. Her sweet Daddy showed up at the school with her new one, and Shanna's for him to ride, and let her ride home like the big kids.

Kaci showed the maturity of grown up girl, and said that her carrot cake could have white frosting this year. (If you look at pictures from past birthdays, she has always wanted bright pink frosting on her cake.) That pleased me a lot, because I have this thing about food coloring. (It is similar to my thing about Jello.) It also pleased me that she still loves carrot cake. I made carrot muffins for her 2nd birthday, and that is what she always asks for.

We missed having Shanna here to help her celebrate, but hope she's having a fun time at Eco Week. We are having a BIG party this weekend, we invited her whole school class, as well as friends from the neighborhood and church. It should be crazy and lots of fun!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Eco Week!

Shanna left for Eco Week this morning. They are going to Pingree Park, the same place I went for Eco Week when I was a kid! She was really excited. We have been packing all weekend, which has been a struggle. She had a long list of things to take, and conditions up there could vary from nice weather, to rain to lots of snow! We had our rounds about which shirts she would take... (yes Shanna, it is important to still look presentable even though you are "roughing it") If she would take shower items (yes, showering is important even though you are "roughing it") etc etc... I let her set all her gear out, so that she would have the experience of deciding what to take, but "helped" her pack it all neatly into her suitcase! She left with a smile, I guess that's all that counts, right?

Shanna with her BFF Caroline

Sara helping to say "Bye Bye Sha-Sha"

And they're off! I hope she has a fun time, they'll be hiking, doing a ropes course and lots of other fun activities. I miss her already!

Happy Birthday Kaci!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Kaci!

I love being your Mommy.

I love how you make me giggle!

I love how you have the best "bed hair" when you wake up in the morning.

I love how you sing and dance and twirl and spin, not caring who is watching you.

I love your sense of adventure, how you are never afraid to try new things.

I love your sweet voice, especially when you say "Mommy"

I love your knock knock jokes, and how you taught Sara to tell them too.

I love how smart you are.

I love your sweet snuggles.

I love how your smile lights up my day!

Happy Birthday Sunshine!

Sunflower Farm

We went to the coolest farm this weekend. They had a zip line, huge tree houses with nets and bridges to play on, they had ponies to ride, goats and sheep to feed, tractors to play on, horses and cows to pet... We had a blast!

Kaci and Sara got to ride a pony. Sara wasn't too sure at first, but she was loving it by the time her turn was over. I felt bad that Shanna was too big to ride, she has been wanting to ride a horse for a long time. Shanna did have lots of fun on the zip line. She has been building zip lines for years. (Remember the story about her trying to hook Kaci's car seat up on the one she built in the backyard when Kaci was a baby?!) I helped Sara go down it a few times by running alongside, holding on to her. My Dad came with us, and the girls had so much fun playing with him. He even found a hammock for a quick nap in the shade!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

My Bad...

Once upon a time, I kept a blog to update family on our daily lives...

Then we moved and I stopped because we saw the grandparents more often.

Time went by....

Stories were told...

Kids grew up, and I think I forgot to blog about how much I enjoyed each moment....

Today, Tyler and I reflected on memories on my blog. He reminded me of when I used to post pictures and captions of what happened each day...

I know I need to start again. I barely have time to sit down in front of a computer, but I want my kids to read about how I feel about them.

I need them to know how much I love them.

Do you ever wonder how much your parents loved you??

I recently found a home video of me, when I was 6. I was sitting at the breakfast table, eating cereal. I was so happy, my grandparents were visiting, my Dad hadn't left for work yet. I was so excited to go to school.

I see that innocent girl, and want to hug her. I want to protect her. I know the trials she will go through, and I want to tell her that things will be amazing.Whatever is thrown her way, she will overcome them. Se will be blessed, but she will suffer. It is almost an out of body experience to want to hug the little version of yourself to prevent heartache.

I have survived times things that I don't understand. How am I supposed to lead and guide three little girls' lives that I am trusted to lead??

My daily life is a balance of guidance, organization and vision for five unique lives. There are lunches to make, homework to supervise, laundry to do, floors to mop and bathrooms to clean.. things to organize and futures to shape.

What keeps us going? Is there really a recipe?

I have decided that mostly it is hard work and dedication.

Just keep doing what you know best.

And try harder the next day....

And so my story continues.