Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Morning Fun

We had a great Christmas! The girls were so much fun and loved their gifts. The were so excited! Santa brought both girl a new bike. Kaci was so excited and feels SO BIG. This is her first "big girl" bike. She was tearing through the house in no time. Her legs can actually reach the pedals, which is amazing because she still has trouble reaching them on her tricycle.

Shanna is so excited to have her first video game ever. She is hooked to it already, and I can already see the need for game privileges to be earned. Most of the games are learning ones, so I guess it could be worse. She has her first mountain bike, and picked up the shifting and hand brakes no problem. It will be great to have her keep up with us on our rides!

We had fondue for our Christmas dinner and have decided to make that a tradition. It was so much fun and yummy! The only thing that was on our lists that we didn't get was some snow, but I have a strong feeling that we'll get our share this week!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Kaci Logic

Kaci had to run inside to go potty while playing outside yesterday. She said "How come I have to go potty so much anyways?" I explained to her that when you eat and drink, it's just a natural thing. She thought about it for a minute and then said "then I'm not drinking nothing tomorrow."

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Life is good

This year has been really great. I have been thinking about everything that has gone on, and here are some of my favorites:

1. Tyler, Shanna and Kaci... I will start the list with my family. The three people who love me, give me hugs and kisses every day, and rely on me, pushing me to try to be the best person I can be every day.

2. My extended family. Even though we don't live close together, the distance between us doesn't seem to matter and I am so lucky to have a great relationship with both sides of the family!

3. This bump under my shirt, my baby to be....It has been a roller coaster of emotions since we found out that we will soon be holding another little miracle. I am so excited and feel so blessed to be going through this again!

4. The dog. It's definitely a love/hate relationship, but when we boarded him at Thanksgiving, we all realized how much he has become a part of our family. He has been good the past couple of weeks, so I can put him on the list. But, if he dares to chew on the couch again, #4 will be a blank spot.

5. This has been a year of ups and downs for Tyler's work, but I have learned not to worry too much. Everything seems to have a way of turning out ok in the end. (Especially when you are as smart as he is.) I feel so lucky that I haven't had to work outside of the house since the week before Shanna was born.

6. I love to watch my girls dance. The way they feel the music and you can see the joy radiating from their soul to their smile is amazing. (And it makes all of the time spent in the car feel worth it.)

7. I feel so lucky that at the end of the day, it's just me and Tyler. It feels like no matter what has gone on during that day, being in his arms and having a few minutes alone makes it all better. Sometimes it feels like my daily "reset" so the next day can start back normal. If it has been a great day, seeing his smile and celebrating together makes it seem so much sweeter. Every minute together feels like a gift and I am so lucky to be loved by him.

8. It is easy to not think about your health when you are healthy, but I know that each of us in our family are lucky to be healthy. Enough said about that, I don't want to jinx this one.

9. We have a great home. We have a house and yard that we love, we live in a great neighborhood, Shanna goes to a great school, and I love being at home.

10. Hmmm... it is so funny when you get to the end of a list and try to decide what your last item should be. You don't want it to sound insignificant, and you don't want to have to leave anything off the list.... (I didn't start out with a specific number of things I wanted to list, but you can't end with nine things!) I think my last thing is going to be my car. I wouldn't mind getting rid of it and having something else, but I am glad to have transportation. For the first 3 or 4 years that we were married, Tyler and I shared a car. I don't know how we did it, but it only takes one day of having my car in the shop and to be stuck at home to realize how nice it is to have one!

So there you go. It might sound a little sappy, but my life is great, this year has been good, and I can't wait to see what surprises are in store for next year!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Yesterday felt more like a Monday than a Friday. I had planned a whole list of things that needed to get done in the morning while Shanna was at school. Well, I got a distressed call that she felt that I needed to be at her school Christmas party. She felt abandoned even though parents usually don't go to these things. I hurried and stressed and got there to eat lunch with her. I kissed her afterwards and told her I needed to run a few errands before I had to come back to get her in an hour. She got all misty eyed, wanting me to stay. So, I decided to be goofy and try to make her laugh and spun her around in the hallway. Well, I guess my center of gravity is off due to this growing basketball under my shirt, and we both fell. Hard.

Great. One more thing to worry about. I am sure everything is fine, pregnant women fall all the time, that baby is protected in my tummy, etc... but it was still not a great thing. She fell pretty gracefully and thought the whole thing was a little funny. You would think that after all of those years of skating I would have fallen a little more gracefully, but no, I went down hard on my hip. I am fine, bruised and embarrassed, but fine.

Today is the day to finish up the Christmas shopping and baking. It will be a busy day!

Friday, December 21, 2007

One last day!

It's an extra happy Friday. It is the last day of school before Christmas break! (That's about the only thing that got me out of bed this morning.) Even better, no yelling at Shanna to get ready; she is supposed to wear her pajamas to school today!

I have been starting to put the mental list together of what is left to get ready for Christmas. I still have some things to finish for Tyler... but I think we're almost there. I can't believe it is coming so soon. The girls are incredibly excited, however I think they are more excited to see and play in snow than for Christmas morning!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hello Baby!

We got to see the baby on the sonogram again today! *He* was moving and kicking and everything looks great! Kaci went with us and was excited to see the pictures! She tried to zoom in on the little baby bottom, but it is still too early to tell. I feel like I am walking on air today, it has been a great morning!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Shopping with Dad

Tyler took Shanna to the mall tonight to shop for some winter clothes. (Isn't he a great dad? I don't know many dads who take their daughters shopping, especially for clothes.) He called a few minutes ago saying that she had picked out a shirt and he told her that I would shoot them both if they bought it because it was so expensive. Shanna said "it's ok, we'll just cut the tags off before we get home." Yikes!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Nutcracker

Taking Shanna to the Nutcracker is such a fun tradition. I remember going with my mom and feeling so grown up and special. We always go with our friends, Sherry and her daughter Shelly. The girls really liked it this year. They went to the stage party after the show and got to meet the cast and play some games. I was going to take her to get hot chocolate afterwards, but she wanted a smoothie! Brrr.....

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bubbles in your nose

Don't adults make things complicated sometimes? Have you ever asked a kid a question just to hear how they would answer?

Tyler was helping Kaci shower yesterday and she yelled "Dad, I have bubbles in my nose."

Tyler (amused) said "why do you have bubbles in your nose?"

Kaci said "because there are holes in my nose!"

On a different note, I am now 14 weeks pregnant! This will be a nervous week for me, 5 years ago on Dec 18th we lost a baby at 15 weeks along. I kind of feel like this is a "do over," a chance for peace. But, that doesn't make it easier this week. I decided to change my appt that was scheduled for the 18th to the 19th, just in case it felt like deja vu. Luckily I still have morning (and night) sickness to reassure me that things are probably ok. I will be so relieved to hear that strong heartbeat!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Do you know who this is?

Shanna decided she wanted to cut her hair. I have been struggling with the thought, but Tyler and I decided to let her make the choice. She chose to cut enough off to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which makes wigs for women with cancer. She had about 9 inches cut off. We are really proud of her. She looks so cute with her new hairstyle! Here are some pictures of her afternoon: *Her hair was braided before we cut it, that's why it looks so wavy..


Look at that cute smiling girl! She is pretty pleased with how everything turned out.

I'm worried about you Mommy

When I was getting dressed this morning, Kaci was looking at my growing tummy. She said "Mommy, how are you going to get the baby out of there?" I told her that the dr would take the baby out for me. That wasn't good enough. She said "but HOW?" So, I showed her my scar from my other c-sections and told her that they would make a little cut and carefully take the baby out. She said "won't that hurt?" I told her "no, they will give me medicine and be very careful." Then she said "I'm worried about you Mommy."

Someone's been peeking

This might be a little small to read, it is in today's paper. (Baby Blues comic strip) I SWEAR they peak into my life! Just this morning I asked Shanna why she doesn't listen the first time I ask her nicely to do something, number 3 usually is a little more heated, but the time we hit request number... oh say 14.... she knows she better listen!

The confusing English language

The English language can be so hard to understand, and even harder to explain to your child. A couple of years ago when Shanna was learning to read, we would drive past the "UPS Store" and she would say, there's the "Oops Store." We would laugh so hard, but she really wanted to know what the "Oops Store" sold. I gave her the hint that if it was two or three letters, and it didn't sound like a word she was familiar with, chances were they were initials for something, and you didn't have to sound the word out.

Last night Tyler picked Shanna up from dance. When they got home, he said that she had a new word that he had never heard of. He asked her to tell it to me. She said "Prandom". I had all sorts of guesses what it might mean, of course none of them were right. He gave me the clue that she read it in the car. Still no guesses. Here's how it actually reads: "PRNDM" Do you know where it's from??

P= Park
R= Reverse
N= Neutral
D= Drive
M= Manual

I have been working with the girls to make some handmade gifts. I really want to teach them that giving Christmas gifts is more than going to the mall and shelling out money. So far it's going very slow, but good. Hopefully this weekend we'll get more done. I broke down and bought some boxed Christmas cards yesterday. I really enjoy making my own, but I have my hands full with other things this year. I was proud of myself that I made it to the grocery store BEFORE we were out of everything this week. My schedule normally goes something like this: Get Shanna off to school, (sometimes take a walk) get showered and Kaci dressed, clean up the house and play with my little friend, eat lunch, take a nap, pick up Shanna from school, drive to dance, make dinner, get the girls showered and ready for bed, and then collapse in my bed! I am still trying to find which time slot to insert holiday preparations into. I don't like doing anything at the last minute, but that's probably what it's going to be like this year.

Ooohhh.. .I am seeing red. Shanna just came in and said "I think we need to get some new leather." I said "why?" She said "because Cocoa just chewed up the arm of the couch." Just when I think he's starting to be a good dog.... I bought leather protection on the couch, I wonder if intentional dog chewing falls into the warranty category? If not, I may be calling on someone with exceptional sewing skills to come help. (Hint hint to someone related to my kids) It is at the seam, but I'm no seamstress. Do you think when you're here helping you could babysit too? I could really use a break.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Morning Ramblings

I woke up early this morning, happy for a little "alone time." My alone time quickly was invaded with company, but so far it's ok. At least they are happy!

Yesterday was a typical Monday. All Day. For all Parties involved. I hope today is better.

We are on our last week of dance of the year for one of the dance studios. Shanna has a full week next week at the other place. I am looking forward to a break and might change the girls to a closer dance studio for next year.

I did a full load of laundry last night, and told Shanna to get a pair of jeans out of the dryer. She has at least 5 pairs in there, but she just came out wearing shorts saying she can't find any. I have told her twice to go back and look,I personally put them in the dryer last night. I know they are in there. You don't wear shorts to school in December! It's starting to feel like a Monday again!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

A visit with Santa

Look who we found at the furniture store today! (The girls thought they were a little overdressed for furniture shopping!)

Shanna has been singing "Little Drummer Boy" all day, and here's how she sings it:

"Come they told me a rotten bum bum....
A new born king to see a rotten bum bum..."

I will smile every time I hear that song now!

O Christmas Tree

We had a fun night decorating the tree. The girls were so excited to see their ornaments from past years and their favorite Christmas stories. Both of our parents gave us an ornament each year as we were growing up, and we have done the same for the girls. They love looking at them. My favorite is Tyler's from the year we met. It is a kissing frog. He certainly did turn into a prince!

Here are some pictures of the girls. I'll leave it to your imagination what I was doing behind Tyler's back to make them laugh so much while he was taking the picture! (Push the sound button at the bottom of the slide show, I even put the pictures to music!)

Friday, December 07, 2007

10 Best Things of Today

1. It's Friday!

2. The great nap I got this morning

3. The smell of Gingersnap Cookies baking right now in my oven - it reminds me of how my mom's kitchen smells this time of year

4. My girls are playing nicely together right now

5. The bump under my shirt (that is making me so sick this week)

6. Only a few more hours until my boyfriend gets home

7. We're going to decorate our tree tonight

8. It's stormy outside and we're inside

9. I'm chatting with my mom on instant message - she's so cool to keep up with technology

10. Our family is healthy and has fun being together

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My little girl

Shanna has had a tough week. It seems that she is getting old enough to experience gossip and kids not being nice. My heart aches for her. Everyone has been through it, but as a parent, all you want to do is protect your kids from everything hurtful. Through her 7 years, I feel that I have done a pretty good job keeping her safe and happy and making sure her needs are met. But, this is something so different. I try to teach her how to deal with the situations that have been hurtful to her so that the next time, hopefully it won't hurt as bad. But, I remember being little and telling myself "sticks and stones..." and it still hurting. She is so sweet and sensitive. It kills me to look into those deep blue eyes and see pain.

On a positive note, a much needed boost came in the mail today. She was picked as a good student in her class and will be honored at an assembly on Friday morning. Then she'll get to eat with her principal on the stage at lunch time. They have these assemblies twice a month, and they pick two kids from each class to recognize. She was so excited when I showed her the letter. It was the perfect day for it to come. We are having a special dessert to celebrate!

Busy busy busy

Shanna had a dance performance on Sat, one last night, a school performance today, and then regular dance classes this week. It's no wonder I forgot to pick up the neighbor girl on the way to school today! Both girls ended up sleeping in our bed last night for some reason, so not much sleeping happened either! I will post some pictures of their school Christmas program later (I guess technically the word is "Holiday Program.") Her class memorized the poem "The Night Before Christmas" I am amazed at her memory!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Excuse Me Ma'am

This hot man (named Tyler) pulled up next to me at a stop light yesterday, rolled down his window and said "do you have a map?"

I am thinking, "we both have GPS in our cars and we're in the town that we live in. What does he need a map for?"

He then went on to say "because I keep getting lost in your eyes!"

It's still making me smile this morning... I am so glad to know that after 8 years of marriage, 2 kids and a (sometimes) moody pregnant wife he still is thinking up silly pick up lines! xoxo

Monday, December 03, 2007

My afternoon.... a conversation with my daughter

Shanna: Mom, they changed the rules at tap class. You don't have to wear your hair up anymore.

Me: Yeah right, go get a hair brush so that I can braid your hair.

Shanna: No, really. Even the teacher wears her hair down.

Me: She's the teacher. She can do that. Go get a hair brush.

Shanna: Everyone wears their hair down.

Me: (Temper starting to raise) Get your hair brush now or you're not going to dance.

Shanna: (Separating a small strand of hair on the top of her head) I have an idea. You could braid this part and then the rest could be in an invisible pony tail.

Me: What? Do you mean a pony tail with a clear hair band?

Shanna: No. An invisible hair band. I'll just put it behind my shoulders and if Miss Sheila asks about it, I'll tell her that it was up.

Me: (Really feeling my temper now and feeling like this conversation is about as productive as running into a wall) GET YOUR HAIR BRUSH SO THAT I CAN BRAID YOUR HAIR..... NOW !

aaaahhhhhhhhhh Why does she like to argue with me so much???

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Let There Be Light

We froze our tails off, and Tyler's knees are shot from climbing up and down from the ladder, but look at our pretty lights! We took the girls for a drive to see other lights, and they think we need more!! I think we're doing pretty good for Dec 2!

Poor Santa

We took the girls to see the movie "Fred Claus" and Shanna said she felt sorry for Santa. I smiled, thinking she felt sorry for him because he had to make so many toys for children all over the world, and that she would keep her request simple this year. But, that's not why she feels sorry for him. In the movie, Fred is told that he has to eat all of the cookies left for Santa, so that the kids don't get hurt feelings. She said this year she'll just leave half of a cookie for Santa to eat. Will that get her on the nice list???