Thursday, December 04, 2008

6 Months Old

To My Beautiful Sara:

You are a miracle. You are so loved, so cherished. 6 months ago, our family was blessed to have you join us. You are sweet and beautiful and make me smile.
You are my sunshine baby!

My Name Is Kaci, And I Am Afraid Of Santa

She is so afraid that she gets tears in her eyes if you talk about her sitting on his lap this year. She asked if she could just mail her list and not sit on his lap. She asked if she could sit on Shanna's lap, instead of Santa's lap. (She was NOT afraid of him last year.)

Finally, we got to the bottom of it:

Shanna has been mean to Kaci... Kaci told on Shanna the other night for reading after bedtime, and Shanna told her that she wouldn't read to her anymore, wouldn't help her shower anymore, wouldn't be nice to her anymore...

Kaci is so afraid that Shanna will get coal in her stocking, that she is afraid of Santa.

That warms my heart so much. This little 4 year old would rather bypass Christmas than see her sister be disappointed. I love my kids. (Even the ornery one who caused all of this!)

Monday, December 01, 2008

It's Monday!

Quite seriously, I HATE MONDAYS. Every one if them. I would ban them if it was possible.

This Monday:
I had to wake Kaci up at 8:20 for school (she had me up before 7 every day of Thanksgiving break)
I had about 16 loads of laundry to fold which are now in the car (don't laugh) because we had a showing on the house
We had more mice to take care if in the garage (everyone knows who took care of them, right?)
We woke up to a LOT of water in the garage because of a hole in the pipe by the water heater. Think scraping wet paint out of the closet...
Did you catch that we had a showing on the house in the middle of all that craziness?

I know, I should be thankful that the above things were my struggles, not something serious. BUT, to me, it was a Monday!

Me Man, You Woman

So, the last time I checked, men don't posess (much) more ability to deal with unpleasant situations than women. I like to do things for myself... It's not so much of a "girl power" thing, more of just being a responsible, contributing half of a relationship, and a strong proactive person.

Well, that's in an ordinary situation when mice aren't involved.

Ooohhh... Mice. Let me just say for those of you who haven't been in my house, I KEEP A CLEAN AND SANITARY home. If anything, I fall more to the OCD side of things... Cleaning the range with glass cleaner after each use, wiping the counter right before bed so that it shines when the sun hits it on the morning, vacuuming the same way each time... I promise I keep a clean house.

That being said, let's get back to the mice. We have them. It's not the first time either. After we built the house, we caught 12 or 13 of them. Last week I heard one in the kitchen. We set a trap and caught it. Who dealt with it? Tyler.

When I was getting the Christmas stuff out of the garage this weekend, we saw evidence of more. We set up traps. Today, we caught 2... Guess who dealt with them?

Guess who goes to get milk from the garage fridge so that I don't gave to see the traps? And the dog bed in the garage... And taking out the trash... Tyler does. He gets totally wigged out when he has to deal with it, but he won't let me help.

Unless I am missing something, there is no genetic or physical difference between us which would make "mouse hunting" his job. Yet, it is just another way that he protects me.

He is so amazing, and mouse problem or not, I am so lucky to have him in my life!