Monday, December 01, 2008

It's Monday!

Quite seriously, I HATE MONDAYS. Every one if them. I would ban them if it was possible.

This Monday:
I had to wake Kaci up at 8:20 for school (she had me up before 7 every day of Thanksgiving break)
I had about 16 loads of laundry to fold which are now in the car (don't laugh) because we had a showing on the house
We had more mice to take care if in the garage (everyone knows who took care of them, right?)
We woke up to a LOT of water in the garage because of a hole in the pipe by the water heater. Think scraping wet paint out of the closet...
Did you catch that we had a showing on the house in the middle of all that craziness?

I know, I should be thankful that the above things were my struggles, not something serious. BUT, to me, it was a Monday!

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Tenice Stuart said...

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