Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Name Is Kaci, And I Am Afraid Of Santa

She is so afraid that she gets tears in her eyes if you talk about her sitting on his lap this year. She asked if she could just mail her list and not sit on his lap. She asked if she could sit on Shanna's lap, instead of Santa's lap. (She was NOT afraid of him last year.)

Finally, we got to the bottom of it:

Shanna has been mean to Kaci... Kaci told on Shanna the other night for reading after bedtime, and Shanna told her that she wouldn't read to her anymore, wouldn't help her shower anymore, wouldn't be nice to her anymore...

Kaci is so afraid that Shanna will get coal in her stocking, that she is afraid of Santa.

That warms my heart so much. This little 4 year old would rather bypass Christmas than see her sister be disappointed. I love my kids. (Even the ornery one who caused all of this!)

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mariann and Tory said...

That is halarious! Poor Kaci! SHe is so stinkin cute!