Monday, December 03, 2007

My afternoon.... a conversation with my daughter

Shanna: Mom, they changed the rules at tap class. You don't have to wear your hair up anymore.

Me: Yeah right, go get a hair brush so that I can braid your hair.

Shanna: No, really. Even the teacher wears her hair down.

Me: She's the teacher. She can do that. Go get a hair brush.

Shanna: Everyone wears their hair down.

Me: (Temper starting to raise) Get your hair brush now or you're not going to dance.

Shanna: (Separating a small strand of hair on the top of her head) I have an idea. You could braid this part and then the rest could be in an invisible pony tail.

Me: What? Do you mean a pony tail with a clear hair band?

Shanna: No. An invisible hair band. I'll just put it behind my shoulders and if Miss Sheila asks about it, I'll tell her that it was up.

Me: (Really feeling my temper now and feeling like this conversation is about as productive as running into a wall) GET YOUR HAIR BRUSH SO THAT I CAN BRAID YOUR HAIR..... NOW !

aaaahhhhhhhhhh Why does she like to argue with me so much???

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