Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Morning Fun

We had a great Christmas! The girls were so much fun and loved their gifts. The were so excited! Santa brought both girl a new bike. Kaci was so excited and feels SO BIG. This is her first "big girl" bike. She was tearing through the house in no time. Her legs can actually reach the pedals, which is amazing because she still has trouble reaching them on her tricycle.

Shanna is so excited to have her first video game ever. She is hooked to it already, and I can already see the need for game privileges to be earned. Most of the games are learning ones, so I guess it could be worse. She has her first mountain bike, and picked up the shifting and hand brakes no problem. It will be great to have her keep up with us on our rides!

We had fondue for our Christmas dinner and have decided to make that a tradition. It was so much fun and yummy! The only thing that was on our lists that we didn't get was some snow, but I have a strong feeling that we'll get our share this week!

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