Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to the real world

We are back from a great trip to Colorado. Everyone stayed well, (a first for Christmas time) we had some quality time with each of our parents, the girls had plenty of snow and we had 2 dates while we were there! Now it is back to the real world, getting stuff put away, getting the house stocked again and back to school and work. I will download some pictures from our camera later and post them.

It should be a good week though. Friday is the big day to find out (hopefully) if our baby is going to need dance shoes or football cleats. The girls start their new semester of dance. Kaci is so excited to take tap like her sister! I need to go find some tiny tap shoes today. And it's time for me to lace up my walking shoes again and try to work some of this vacation off my hips! I am lucky that normally it is fairly easy to stay in shape, but there is something about being pregnant and packing on the pounds quickly. (I'm sure our 10 days of vacation, eating and sitting around had some part of it too!)

The girls have been having a bit of a problem getting back into their schedule. The first night, they both ended up in our bed, I ended up in Kaci's bed. Last night, there were tears from both girls at bed time. (and the hour after) Kaci said she was lonely and Shanna said she saw ghost faces. Then after I thought all was clear, Kaci woke up crying with leg cramps. Lucky for me after about an hour of getting kicked, Tyler took her and somehow got her back to sleep in her bed. I woke up with just him next to me. That's got to qualify for a good way to wake up on a Monday!

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