Thursday, January 10, 2008

Party at our house, 3am

For some reason, I missed the invitation about the party at our house in the middle of the night. Kaci was the first to arrive. Being dead asleep and wishing to stay that way, I put her in our bed and thought that was the end of it. Just as I was falling back asleep, I felt the foot of our bed rustle. (Shanna thinks if she sneaks in from the bottom of the bed and wedges in between us, we won't notice that she's there.) I sat up and said "NO WAY. EVERYONE OUT." (I have already been kicked out of my bed once this week, and I was not up for sleeping on a twin bed again.)

Tyler (being the sweet husband he is) took both girls back to their room, tucked them in, snuggled them, got them a drink and came back to our bed.

Not 20 minutes later, Shanna came back in. She had a tummy ache. I told her to get a Tums and go back to bed. She turned on the bathroom light which shines right into my eyes and dinked around for the next 30 minutes until I firmly told her to go back to her room or use her own bathroom.

Less than 15 minutes after that, here comes Kaci. I don't remember what she needed, she probably doesn't either. As tempting as it was to snuggle her in next to me, I carried her back to her room where she starting crying loud enough to wake up our neighbors.

After leaving her room, I walked back to our room, shut the door (I did restrain myself from locking it) and fell back asleep. Who knows what happened after that or how long before the party goers were asleep, but I was DONE. I was even nice and let them sleep in a little longer this morning.

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