Friday, January 11, 2008

The Results Are In.....

Would someone please call the dance studio on my behalf and request a recliner chair to be installed with my name gold plated on it? Also a reserved parking spot up front?

Yes... We are having another GIRL!!!

Oh my goodness. Um.... those teenage years are going to be crazy... and then there are going to be three weddings....

Really, we feel very blessed. Everything looks great. She has all her fingers and toes and arms and legs. She is measuring a little bit big, her heart looks great, the fluid around her is great... We are very excited and happy. (Kaci being the most excited. She danced out of the ultrasound room, singing "it's a girl!")

So, life is good. Maybe Tyler had 4 sisters so that he would be ready for the 3 girls and me. He is such a good man and I am lucky he knows how to do braids and pony tails!

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