Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Marching to the beat of her own drum

Kaci was supposed to be changing her clothes... she thought a naked tap dance would be more fun.

I had a doctor's appt today, everything is looking great! They moved up my due date by a week since the baby is measuring big. I look like I have a ball under my shirt. Yesterday some maternity jeans came in the mail, bless you GAP Maternity! I guess 19 weeks isn't too bad for breaking out the maternity jeans. I think I was in them much earlier with Kaci. I am still walking about 3 times a week, thanks to my walking buddy, Robyn. I am thinking about starting to swim again, that was great exercise when I was pregnant with Shanna.

Shanna has been having a great time back at school since the break. She played with a new friend on Friday and went to her birthday party on Saturday.

Here's one more naked tap dancing picture. Maybe these will come back to haunt Kaci when she's a teenager and she isn't listening to me!

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