Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mean Mom

It was not a fun day to be my one of my kids. We have been moving furniture, cleaning closets, organizing drawers, etc... No one likes to do it (me included) but it has to be done every now and then. First I should say that I didn't expect the girls to help. It is actually easier if they stay out of the way. But, last week I did an overhaul on their playroom. Today, they undid it. Then I came undone. They were supposed to clean up. This resulted in 5 hours in the playroom (doing anything but cleaning up), followed by Daddy going in with a trash bag and collecting most of their toys (don't worry, they can earn them back, we're not that mean) several time outs, a "talk" and two very sweet apology notes.

Not a fun day for anyone.

But, they are now sharing a queen bed, they have a very clean closet, and drawers which are organized. Last night they were so sweet snuggling next to each other while they were sleeping. How is it that they can look so sweet when they sleep and be so ornery during the day? I guess it erases your memory of their orneriness and fills your heart with love and lets them start fresh the next day. It must be part of that amazing "Mommy Love".

Also, Happy Birthday to my little brother! If I would have known we were going to be such good friends as adults, maybe I would have been nicer to you when I was little. I love you Bryan!

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