Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baby Names

I read in a pregnancy magazine that 31% of parents have their baby's name picked out before conception. WHAT?? I thought we were always ahead of the game, knowing what the baby's name was before she (yeah now "she" is a general term in our house) was born. I have known people who have left the hospital with "female" or "male" on the birth certificate and have had to change it later!

I came up with Shanna's name when I was a few months pregnant, and then spent the rest of the time convincing Tyler he liked the name too! We both decided on the name Kaci at the same time, so hers was pretty easy. But this time.... it's not so easy. There is a name that Tyler really liked when I was pregnant with Shanna that is starting to stick, but it's not very unique like the other two girls' names. Will that make the baby feel like we ran out of good names the first two times around?

We still have lots of time to decide, but it feels like you bond better when you can call this person who is kicking you by a name other than "baby. She can hear our voices and definately has her own personality already.

I'll let you know when we decide... Don't hold your breath for it though, it might be in June!

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