Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Girlfriend

Shanna had a rough time with a friend yesterday, and after a good cry in the car, we had some girl time. Tyler took Kaci to "Old McDonalds" and Shanna and I had a "girlfriend's date" at home. She was very grown up and made a salad for both of us. I made quesadillas and virgin strawberry daiquiris and we had a great time. Her smile started coming back and I told her that my Mom used to make me feel better after a hard day. She said "Me too" and gave me a big hug. It is fun now that she is getting older to feel like she's my friend as well as my daughter! When Kaci came home, she and Shanna helped me piece together the quilt I am making for the baby. Hopefully she'll feel the love of all of her girlfriends!!

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