Monday, January 14, 2008

The weekend

We had a busy weekend. I wish I had some pictures to post of it, but it was so busy I didn't think of taking any!

Shanna had a birthday party on Saturday followed with a dance practice, and then two performances for half time shows for Dixie College's basketball teams. They did their hip hop routine and it was really cute. Basketball isn't as great as football, and we missed the Patriots game, but it was still a good night.

Then, we had this "to do list" about 10 miles long. It seems when you go out of town, that things that you are responsible for don't slow down. We made progress on the list, and now most of our Christmas stuff is down. I still have the tree to get back into the box, but at least all of the ornaments are off and the lights are off the house.

Tyler and I are both still getting used to the idea that we're having another girl. With the other two, the names came pretty quick and easily to at least one of us. This time it feels as if we're fresh out of girl names. So, if anyone has any favorites, let me know. There is one that we've been throwing around, but so far it hasn't stuck. I think we're going to get bunk beds for Shanna and Kaci and put the crib in their room too. We've been talking about putting hardwood floors in the guest room with a big mirror and bar so that the girls can practice dance here.

And then there were some football games, but I think everyone already knows how those went!

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