Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back to normal

I have most of our furniture back in place. Let me tell you, getting the flu in the middle of rearranging your house (while being pregnant) is not advised.

But, the girls room is all set up and (minus the crib) the workout room is very user friendly. (It will be torn apart again in the future, but for now it works. In fact, listen to my new "mean mom" policy. If Shanna wants to watch her shows.... she must be on the elliptical machine to do so! On Friday, she walked for 30 minutes, then I showed her some exercises with the exercise ball and had her do some free weights. She might complain a little bit, but it is so good for her! (Tyler and I have been using the room too.)

Yesterday, it snowed here. (And rained and hailed and was so windy that trampolines were flying over walls. Not ours, thankfully) The school is very thoughtful and kept all of the kids in the gym and had a teacher come up to each car asking who they should send out. That would never happen in Colorado! :)

Kaci and I went to the fabric store and bought some cute pink and brown fabric to make some blankets for the baby. Tyler gave me a hard time because I just got rid of a bunch of old blankets from the girls' closet last week. But, girl #3 does deserve some new things of her own... right??

That's what's been going on around here.. .time to get a princess to her dance class!

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