Thursday, December 13, 2007

The confusing English language

The English language can be so hard to understand, and even harder to explain to your child. A couple of years ago when Shanna was learning to read, we would drive past the "UPS Store" and she would say, there's the "Oops Store." We would laugh so hard, but she really wanted to know what the "Oops Store" sold. I gave her the hint that if it was two or three letters, and it didn't sound like a word she was familiar with, chances were they were initials for something, and you didn't have to sound the word out.

Last night Tyler picked Shanna up from dance. When they got home, he said that she had a new word that he had never heard of. He asked her to tell it to me. She said "Prandom". I had all sorts of guesses what it might mean, of course none of them were right. He gave me the clue that she read it in the car. Still no guesses. Here's how it actually reads: "PRNDM" Do you know where it's from??

P= Park
R= Reverse
N= Neutral
D= Drive
M= Manual

I have been working with the girls to make some handmade gifts. I really want to teach them that giving Christmas gifts is more than going to the mall and shelling out money. So far it's going very slow, but good. Hopefully this weekend we'll get more done. I broke down and bought some boxed Christmas cards yesterday. I really enjoy making my own, but I have my hands full with other things this year. I was proud of myself that I made it to the grocery store BEFORE we were out of everything this week. My schedule normally goes something like this: Get Shanna off to school, (sometimes take a walk) get showered and Kaci dressed, clean up the house and play with my little friend, eat lunch, take a nap, pick up Shanna from school, drive to dance, make dinner, get the girls showered and ready for bed, and then collapse in my bed! I am still trying to find which time slot to insert holiday preparations into. I don't like doing anything at the last minute, but that's probably what it's going to be like this year.

Ooohhh.. .I am seeing red. Shanna just came in and said "I think we need to get some new leather." I said "why?" She said "because Cocoa just chewed up the arm of the couch." Just when I think he's starting to be a good dog.... I bought leather protection on the couch, I wonder if intentional dog chewing falls into the warranty category? If not, I may be calling on someone with exceptional sewing skills to come help. (Hint hint to someone related to my kids) It is at the seam, but I'm no seamstress. Do you think when you're here helping you could babysit too? I could really use a break.

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