Saturday, December 22, 2007


Yesterday felt more like a Monday than a Friday. I had planned a whole list of things that needed to get done in the morning while Shanna was at school. Well, I got a distressed call that she felt that I needed to be at her school Christmas party. She felt abandoned even though parents usually don't go to these things. I hurried and stressed and got there to eat lunch with her. I kissed her afterwards and told her I needed to run a few errands before I had to come back to get her in an hour. She got all misty eyed, wanting me to stay. So, I decided to be goofy and try to make her laugh and spun her around in the hallway. Well, I guess my center of gravity is off due to this growing basketball under my shirt, and we both fell. Hard.

Great. One more thing to worry about. I am sure everything is fine, pregnant women fall all the time, that baby is protected in my tummy, etc... but it was still not a great thing. She fell pretty gracefully and thought the whole thing was a little funny. You would think that after all of those years of skating I would have fallen a little more gracefully, but no, I went down hard on my hip. I am fine, bruised and embarrassed, but fine.

Today is the day to finish up the Christmas shopping and baking. It will be a busy day!

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