Monday, October 04, 2010

Sunflower Farm

We went to the coolest farm this weekend. They had a zip line, huge tree houses with nets and bridges to play on, they had ponies to ride, goats and sheep to feed, tractors to play on, horses and cows to pet... We had a blast!

Kaci and Sara got to ride a pony. Sara wasn't too sure at first, but she was loving it by the time her turn was over. I felt bad that Shanna was too big to ride, she has been wanting to ride a horse for a long time. Shanna did have lots of fun on the zip line. She has been building zip lines for years. (Remember the story about her trying to hook Kaci's car seat up on the one she built in the backyard when Kaci was a baby?!) I helped Sara go down it a few times by running alongside, holding on to her. My Dad came with us, and the girls had so much fun playing with him. He even found a hammock for a quick nap in the shade!

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