Monday, October 04, 2010

Eco Week!

Shanna left for Eco Week this morning. They are going to Pingree Park, the same place I went for Eco Week when I was a kid! She was really excited. We have been packing all weekend, which has been a struggle. She had a long list of things to take, and conditions up there could vary from nice weather, to rain to lots of snow! We had our rounds about which shirts she would take... (yes Shanna, it is important to still look presentable even though you are "roughing it") If she would take shower items (yes, showering is important even though you are "roughing it") etc etc... I let her set all her gear out, so that she would have the experience of deciding what to take, but "helped" her pack it all neatly into her suitcase! She left with a smile, I guess that's all that counts, right?

Shanna with her BFF Caroline

Sara helping to say "Bye Bye Sha-Sha"

And they're off! I hope she has a fun time, they'll be hiking, doing a ropes course and lots of other fun activities. I miss her already!

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