Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Repeat After Me: SLEEP IS GOOD

Last night was night 3 of no sleep. Getting them to GO to sleep, and then STAYING asleep... Having 3 kids between 8 and 4 months, we saw it all last night. What they need to realize, is that I am a MUCH happier person with a little (ok more than a little) sleep. If they want a happy Mommy, they better learn to sleep at night!!

Any Barney fans out there? Sing with me... "Everybody needs a nap you know...."

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Kristy said...

I feel your pain. We watched some scary movies on Friday and Paige has not slept good since then. Then Shawntell is known for sleep waking, every day this past week! I am so much happier when they all sleep.