Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Through Kaci's Eyes

Moving is a hard concept for kids. Kaci has never moved and I don't think she has even seen anyone move. She was devastated when we told her we were going to sell our house. We let her talk for a while, and now I can understand. Here's what she's worried about:

  • That we were going to pack a suitcase like when we go on vacation, and never see the rest of our stuff again. After we told her we could take everything, she keeps coming up with new questions like, Can we bring my bike/bed/lamp/rug/toothbrush/dog/table/toys etc..
  • She doesn't like that we leave our house when we have a showing. We are letting strangers in. I explained how a realtor makes sure the people don't take anything, and that they can't have the key unless we give them the permission. She said "but still, they are strangers and they shouldn't be here."
  • She loves this house and doesn't want a new one
  • The play set that Daddy built can't come with us
  • I talked about selling our trampoline so that we don't have to move it and then get a new one after we move. (Oh yeah, Mom of the Year moment... I said "we can find the same one because the store where I bought it... oh I mean there are places in Colorado that probably sell the same trampoline that Santa made for you... nice)
All valid points through the eyes of a 4 year old. Shanna is just beyond excited, and Kaci is when I remind her that we'll be able to see her grandparents lots after we move.

She told my Dad on the phone the other day "I'll see you in a few years when we move to Colorado" (I don't know if "a few years" to her means tomorrow, or in a few months, or if she doesn't really think we are going to move.)

Then, last night she was being onery and I told her that after we move, I'm just going to send her to Grandma's house if she's naughty (Sorry Grandma, I won't really do that) She said "cool" So then I said that Grandma will make her scrub her kitchen floors. She got really serious and said:

"I'll never be naughty again after we move to Colorado."

Can I get that in writing?

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