Thursday, October 09, 2008

I don't wanna grow up...

Being responsible sucks. I wanted to grow up so bad when I was little... now some days I just wish my parents could tuck me into bed again and the only responsibility I had to deal with was going to school.

Being Responsible means...

  • Taking 2 kids to the dentist in one day and trying not to flinch when one throws up because of gag reflexes and the other has a panic attack over having sealants redone
  • Scheduling flu shots for everyone and 4 month shots for the baby (and knowing what that day will be like!)
  • Cleaning the play room for 2 hours today and having it messy again tonight
  • Trying to fit all of the tree branches in the trash tonight so that I can trim more next week
  • I would tell you more (because there is lots) but I have to go right now and change another diaper and rock a cranky baby to sleep
It has been a day... At least tomorrow is Friday, right??

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