Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Man Friend"

If Shanna sees this post, she'll have a fit. BUT, it is too cute that I am going to post it anyways. Someday, I'll want to remember it.

She has had a crush on Robyn's son, Jacob on and off since kindergarten. I guess it's on again. She came home from school and said, "guess who likes me?" Without waiting for me to guess, she said "JACOB!"

She said her friend told him at lunch that Shanna likes him, and that he said "YES!" (Her cheeks are all rosy as she is telling me this!)

I asked her if that meant he was her boyfriend now.

She said, "Yeah, I guess... but actually I think of him more as my MAN FRIEND!!!"

What does that mean?? (Other than we are in BIG trouble when she is a teenager!)

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Unknown said...

Oh I LOVE it!!! Yea, we are going to be related!! Between Kaci and JJ and now Shanna and Jacob... oohh, I need to get busy for Sara!!