Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dinner Funnies

I know... I have been so bad at posting lately. What can I say? Life is great, busy and dramatic all at the same time. Who knew an 8 year old could have emotions like a teenager? Anyways, I have laughed a lot this week. Here are my two of my favorite times:

1. We were pet sitting for Robyn. (I think I am just going to start calling her my sister) We walked in and Tyler said:

The fish is dead.

Oh come on... what are the chances that a pet dies when you are pet sitting? One of the other times I was pet sitting, I gave her guinea pigs away. (BTW, she asked me to)

So, I dealt with it. Flush, swish... etc... I even asked if she wanted me to go buy a new one so that her kids wouldn't be devastated.

Well, fast forward to when they got home. We invited her and the kids over to dinner (I was cooking salmon on the grill.)

Her sweet little boy walks in the door and says "where did you do with the fish?"

And I said: "I put it on the grill"

He wasn't talking about the salmon.

Did he eat fish for dinner that night?


2. Tonight at dinner I was sick and tired of Shanna picking at her food. I said the typical Mom thing-that-you're-supposed-to-say-when-your-kids-pick-at-their-food:

"I am not in the mood for this tonight"

Then Kaci said, "Maybe Dad is"


Unknown said...

Oh I LOVE it!! LOL :) Those ARE two good funnies, leave it to Kaci!!
I already love ya like a sister :)

Kristy said...

Yes I am a huge Stephanie Meyer fan. Can't wait for ELLEN!