Monday, March 09, 2009

The Front Door...

I have waited a long time to post these pictures... Our front door in Utah was "The Picture Place" It was the backdrop of so many happy memories and great pictures. If I could have taken down the door and brought it with us, believe me I would have. These are the last pictures in front of that door (unless we get crazy and run up and take some before the cops come sometime in the future!)

Also, here is a picture of the wall in the garage where we measured the girls. Don't worry, we wrote it all down and have a new chart now that I transferred the data on to. And last, every great cowboy rides off into the sunset, here are some great pictures Tyler took from our backyard before we left.

It is very bittersweet to look back at the pictures now that we are settled here. The house and yard don't even come CLOSE to comparing to our last house. But, this is temporary. The reward of having our families close is priceless and we are really enjoying being here. We miss our friends and familiar settings, but I am hopeful to keep our friendships (You know who you are!!!) and create new familiar settings. Who knows... maybe we'll even have a new "Picture Place" soon!
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Robyn said...

There ya go getting me all misty eyed!!!
I love you guys ;)