Thursday, March 05, 2009

Circle of... teeth

Shanna lost one... Kaci has most of them... Sara is working on getting her first one.

I had no idea that Shanna had a loose tooth. Maybe I was in denial because she has no permanent tooth to fit the space where this baby tooth fell out. I should be grateful that this is the only short coming I have seen in her life. She is beautiful, smart, healthy, sweet... but she has no new tooth there. We now have to figure that out.

She started the day by brushing her teeth like normal, eating breakfast like normal, but then came home from school with a tooth hanging out in a kinda (really) gross way. We told her she could choose whatever dinner she wanted if she would just pull it and end the agony. (Don't get me started on the drama on loosing her last tooth...)She picked a chicken salad from Smashburger and American Idol on TV, I said "Wahoo, I don't have to pull a tooth!"

On a different note, Sara is working on getting her first tooth. I was so excited for Shanna to get her first tooth, I was thrilled when Kaci cut her first one, but the THIRD time around, I am a little smarter and am already saying "OW" about Sara getting her first tooth. She has been really fussy and not sleeping well, so I guess it will be a good thing for her (and me) when it finally cuts.

Kaci is just the sweetest girl... writing a letter to the Tooth Fairy, telling her that she brushes her teeth really well, and hopes hopes hopes that her tooth will be the newest star in the sky soon!

I am just lucky to be on every stage of the journey with these sweet girls.

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Robyn said...

Look at you being so optimistic!!! Give those sweet girls a hug for me;)