Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Watch Out World!

Sara decided to crawl today! Notice that I didn't say "she learned to crawl" because she just took off like she has been doing it forever. She didn't get up on her knees, it was more of an Army crawl. She is so fast that at times her arms were holding up her whole body because her legs were going faster then her arms! I need to video her tomorrow, it is the cutest thing ever!


Robyn said...

Oh I miss my baby girl!!! I can't wait to see the video!!!

(((HUGS))) to everyone!!

mariann and Tory said...

Thats awesome! I bet she is going to be just like your other kids! Super smart and a fast learner!
That is awesome that you guys sold your house! That was so fast! You no it was meant to be!! Congrats! Here is my email: email me so I have you email address!