Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bubbles in the tub

The other night the girls were in the bath. I was busy with Sara, but was still staying close to monitor the splash zone aka bath tub. They got quiet for a minute and Shanna said:

"Kaci, what were those bubbles?"

I was ready for her to start telling Kaci how gross she was and that they were going to have to drain the water.

Kaci said "I don't know."

I had the countdown going in my head before I heard "MMOOOOMMMMM!!!"

But then Shanna said "That's what happens when you toot in the tub."

Hmmm... I guess it was the older one who is guilty. Now I am waiting for Kaci to have her turn calling her sister gross. But, again, I was wrong...

Because then Kaci said "COOL! How do you do that?"

Am I raising ladies or frat boys?

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