Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where does the time go?

No, I have not been slacking, I have been busier than ever before. It makes it difficult some days to do the things that I enjoy. I got pretty spoiled with Shanna and Kaci getting older and being able to occupy themselves and be self sufficient. Sara is such a great baby, but it seems like everything hits the fan all at the same time. This morning (well afternoon...) I was trying to make my bed, make lunch, clean up all of the night time bottles all at the same time. Sara was hungry (feeding her is a story for another day) Kaci was onery, and Shanna wanted to know where I keep the rope and nails. Apparently she wanted to build a human zip line with a car seat. (I'm not kidding.)


I am still learning to manage it all. However, those sweet moments of feeling baby breath on my neck when I snuggle Sara, or watching Shanna give her nose kisses, or hearing Kaci sing her a song when she is crying makes it all worth it.

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