Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Minds of their own

I think the girls are better. I think they stored up all of their orneriness from when they were sick and have doubled up on it for a while. Kaci is sweet when it's just the two of us, but as soon as Shanna gets home, she turns into this little monster, causing all kinds of problems. She hits, argues, etc... but I am not sure how much of it is her, and how much of it Shanna quietly provokes. Last night, Kaci hit Shanna, and got in trouble. A few minutes later, I saw her "play hit" Shanna, and Shanna screamed like she had a broken bone! Or, in the shower they had a huge argument. I quietly went in to see what was being said, and Kaci was trying to use body wash before shampoo, and Shanna was holding it up in the air telling her she had to use shampoo first! Do you think the neighbors would understand if they heard me screaming outside?

On another subject, Shanna has decided that she wants to cut her hair. I should mention that she has a *best friend* that has short hair. And Crocs like Shanna had to get a few weeks ago. Oh yeah, Shanna wants to take singing lessons because the other girl takes singing lessons. (I couldn't talk her into joining the school choir when school started though.) I remember cutting my hair short when I was her age, and I just can't let her do it. Maybe this summer when it's hot, and if she'll donate it to "Locks of Love" we'll talk. But for right now, no. (Do I sound like one of those moms who lives their dreams through their kids?)

She also has had peer pressure at school about a certain fairy who comes when you lose a tooth. She has asked twice now straight out about the truth of that story, and I have reflected it back to her both times. I'm sure once she is done thinking about a fairy, next she'll move on to a creepy old guy coming into the house at midnight and a bunny who delivers candy instead of eating right through the foil! I just want to get through one last Christmas season before she loses the magic.

I guess I should just say I am so glad they are both feeling better and be glad I am dealing with attitudes instead of fevers! About the picture... It is obviously taken 3 years ago, but they both had the same expression on their faces in the shower last night!!!

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