Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Pictures

Here are some pictures from our Halloween night. I was trying to post them yesterday, but Kaci is taking her turn being sick, and has had a high fever and crud in her chest. She sleeps in 10 minute increments which is really taking a toll on Tyler and me.

A scary witch and cute pink haired "Stephanie"

Tyler started out being silly with Shanna's "Kim Possible" hair from last year, but every 11 year old boy who came to the door recognized him as the "Wendy's commercial guy" He changed later in the night to a big purple Dr. Seuss hat! I can say it is the first time I kissed a man with pig tails!

Wahoo.... who is that crazy lady? (That's all real hair by the way!)

Keeping with the Swenson tradition, I made sourdough doughnuts....after the kids went to bed!!! And I made more last night, so don't think they are too deprived!

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