Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We Did It!

Corn Maze... check

Pumpkins.....check (did everyone notice how many pumpkins were in the picture?)

Dr. Appts/Flu Shots/Immunizations....check

We're doing ok after all!

The Dr was worried about Shanna's throat, but an instant strep test came back negative, they'll send another one to the lab, but my "mom instinct" says she's ok and going back to school tomorrow! Kaci is the toughest little girl ever. She hasn't cried the last few times she has gotten shots. I explain what is going to happen, and she watches them do it and gets a smile on her face when they put the band-aid on. Now Shanna..... she is almost too big to restrain anymore. She felt pretty embarrassed when it was over though and said she wouldn't scream and cry the next time. Hallelujah, neither me or the nurse want to go through that again either!

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