Sunday, October 07, 2007

A "Friend" Party

Kaci has been so excited this week that she gets to have a "friend party". We had her good friend, Haylee, her two brothers, and her two cousins come. (and of course Shanna) The kids made some foam crafts and bracelets and had pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Check out the pink frosting! I think the 3 year old princess had a happy week!

Shanna had a Halloween carnival at her school on Friday. Seems kind of early for Halloween, right? It is also the big PTA fund raiser for the year, so I guess sooner is better for them to get their operating money in. Each grade performed a dance, Shanna's grade did a 50's themed teddy bear dance. It was cute. It was so cold and windy that night, it really felt like fall. I had the privilege of manning the "doughnut on the string" booth. (Think sticky doughnuts, slobbery kids and a lot of both of them!) Yuck. I won't be eating doughnuts for a while. I was pretty happy when someone would come up and ask if they could just have a doughnut without eating it off of the string. It was a happy moment when I ran out of doughnuts!

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