Monday, October 29, 2007

Dear Tyler,


This is such an important moment in our lives that I feel that we should document our conversation. We are both aware of the big game on Sunday. Our teams are the last of the unbeatens. (Should I mention that the Patriots are 8-0 and the Colts are only 7-0?) Last year, your team beat mine twice, the last one really hurting when they went on to (win) the Superbowl. This year, however is going to be different. Pretty much every NFL commentator has been talking non-stop about how amazing Tommy is this year, and how he is about to break Peyton's record. He is on fire, with the team averaging over 41 points a game this season. It is now time to decide what our wagers are going to be. Everything is going to be documented, so be careful. I would love to get some input on possible ideas from anyone else......

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Jenny said...

Tyler, Since you have failed to respond yet, I will throw out a few possibilities.

1. The naming rights to our next child. If you win and we have a girl, you can name her Payton. If I win and we have a boy, I can name him Brady.

2. If I win, I get to sleep in every Saturday morning until the end of the year, and when I wake up, the girls will be dressed and fed and the house cleaned up.

3. If you win, you get to pick every movie we rent for the next 6 months to insure no more "chick flicks."

Maybe you have some better ideas though... I'm waiting! :)