Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halloween again and again and again

I love Halloween. I didn't as a kid, I could never figure out what I wanted to dress up as, and got so cold going around getting candy that I really didn't want to work that hard to get. But, I love it now, because I think out of all of the holidays, this is the one that you can have the most fun with your kids with the least amount of stress. No pressure on who-you-have-to-buy-what, you can decorate your house as simply as you want and it still looks like you made an effort, you get to socialize with you neighbors while your kids beg them for candy, and I love any occasion that chocolate is involved!

However, I think the number of times the kids dress up is a little overkill. Shanna wears her costume to dance today, on Monday, on Tuesday, to school on Wednesday and then, oh yeah, on Halloween night too! Kaci wears hers also on Tuesday to her dance class. I think that by the time we go trick-or-treating, dressing up will be not as fun as it should be. At least there is chocolate involved!

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