Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween is TOMORROW???

Oops. In all of the Halloween preparations, I forgot that the actual day is tomorrow! Shanna is still sick, we have not carved the pumpkins yet, we still haven't made it to the corn maze.... yikes. Luckily, I already had both girls scheduled for check-ups and flu shots today, so we'll see if she has anything more than a bad virus. Hopefully she'll still be able to get a flu shot. Kaci has a Halloween party at her dance class this morning. I can't make her miss that, so I guess Shanna will have to sit in the car with a movie or a book while Kaci is in dance. Cross your fingers for us that Shanna will be better by tomorrow and that no one else gets sick! I have been doing laundry and dishes non-stop and disinfecting the house several times a day.

On a good note, Tyler had his knee checked at the orthopedic dr's office yesterday, and he said it was looking much better. He no longer has a "dr's note" for things like lawn work and dog walking, but still has to take it easy with his extreme sports. He'll get it checked in another 6 weeks. That's a big sigh of relief!

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whitney said...

Jenny, I've just spent ummm... an hour at least, reading your blog. It is so cute and funny. I'm really bad at keeping up with emails so I just wanted to let you know I was out here and I love reading about you guys. Have an AWESOME halloween... What are you going to dress up as? :)