Monday, October 08, 2007

And in this pond, there was a.......

A number of creatures have called this pond home. We have put most of them there, and hoped that they will stay. We know of at least one turtle that decided to go against our smart advice and left and will never return. We have put snails, tadpoles, little frogs, big frogs, 6 turtles, gold fish that the turtles were supposed to eat, but now are growing big enough to someday eat the turtles, and about a dozen koi fish that are so cool. We have struggled to get water plants to grow, but as you can see, they have taken over and are doing great! We thinned them out (more accurately, Tyler thinned them out) and now the pond is looking pretty good. I love seeing the flowers, especially when the water lilys flower. It is fun to watch dragonflies and hummingbirds enjoy them as well.

On Sunday, my friend Robyn called and told me that she found a turtle in the road and wanted to know if she should get it for us. I am so impressed. I have not touched any of the wildlife in our backyard, or do I intend to. But, I told her "sure!" and a little while later, here she was holding the BIGGEST turtle I have ever seen! He is probably at least a foot big... he is a monster! If I had been thinking, I would have taken her picture holding it, because for one thing, she is so cool to even touch it, and second, I will not pick the guy up out of the water for a picture now, so this is probably the best shot of him I can get now! He is loving his new home. He was quick to let the fish know who is the king when feeding time happens, and is already helping thin out even more lettuce. I am not sure how many friends he has left in the pond, but since we haven't found any more odd looking rocks in the yard, I am guessing he'll have a few other turtles to keep him company!

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Anonymous said...

You're always giving me such a big head!! That is a good picture though!!