Tuesday, October 23, 2007


We were trying to buy Rockies World Series tickets yesterday. We are not big baseball fans, but we both lived in Colorado during their inaugural season, and have both been to games and had fun. So, we are excited that they have made it! We had 3 computers up and ready yesterday and right at 10am we started hitting the "buy" button. We stayed at it for at least an hour, then gave up for a little while and went for a bike ride. Then, we were at it again until I saw the news update that said they had suspended selling the tickets due to a "external attack." Yeah right. Maybe they should have asked the Red Socks how they sold their tickets. They had no problems. They've won the World Series before.

You'll remember that last week I royally messed up on Tuesday getting Kaci to ballet, so instead of sitting at the computer trying to buy tickets, I will be sitting on a hard black bench waiting for my ballerina to finish dancing. Now if it were the Superbowl in a few months with my Tommy......

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TYLER said...

If there were a Super Bowl with "Your Tommy" in it, (and that is a BIG IF thanks to the COLTS!!!), I could see you hiring an army of temp staff to sit at computers hitting refresh!