Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A bump in the road

You know when you're driving down the road, just trying to get where you're going and you hit a bump and all of the sudden have a flat tire?

I think we have been hitting a lot of bumps lately.

Shanna got sick over the weekend, but recovered pretty quickly. Monday morning, Kaci and I woke up with the crud. Flu/Bad cold... whatever. It is awful. Fevers, sweats, stuffy noses, severe aches, an awful cough and sore throat, can't sleep, can't function... Mix that in with Tyler's stress from work and that would seem like a lot to deal with. Yesterday we hit an even BIGGER bump where I got to spend the day at the hospital having the baby monitored, getting re-hydrated and some tests done. Everything turned out fine with that...

And I am so lucky to know Robyn. I called her crying, freaked out of course. Within a minute she was at my door, carried Kaci out of my bed and took her to her house, sick and all. What would I do without her?

Today, I am trying to regroup. Kaci and I are still sick, Tyler is off to another battle at the office, and is starting to come down with the crud. We have extra dance practices today and tomorrow... the Drake Bell concert on Friday, and Shanna's recital on Saturday. sigh. Does anyone have a magic wand?

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