Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My baby ballerina (s)

Kaci had ballet this morning, she was cute as always. She looks really serious when she dances. (There are so many things to remember!) She is dancing the same recital piece that Shanna did when she was 3, and it brings back all sorts of memories. They look so much alike when their hair is pulled back that sometimes I have to blink twice at who I am looking at and what year it is! Then I think about this next little baby ballerina dancing it in another 3 years, and that Kaci will be 6 and Shanna will be 11 (!) Yikes!

It has been feeling like the baby is doing ballet constantly now. My tummy is so tight, and her movements are more like rolls than kicks. She pushes bony parts out, and that part of my stomach will stick out an extra few inches. I have actually lost weight, probably because there is no room for any food! I get hungry, but I can't eat very much. Tomorrow starts week 32.
8 Months!!! It is coming so fast!

We just found out that my grandpa will be having open heart surgery tomorrow. If you would please, say a little prayer for him!

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