Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Science Fair... Done

Whew! We are done with the science fair for this year. Yes, it turned into a major project on the last day. We worked on it for over 5 hours after school and into the evening, but Shanna did a great job. I am terrified for when she gets into high school, I have GOT to teach her how to get things done early. (Did I ever learn that?)

Her project is titled "Does noise affect a person's concentration?" She tested people's ability to solve Memory cards with silence, then soft music, tapping and loud rock music. She thought that having it quiet would make someone concentrate better. Actually though, soft music playing in the background was the best for everyone tested.

I am proud of her that she did most of the work on her own this year. This is her 3rd science fair, and each year she is able to do more of it on her own. I did type the report for her, but she wrote the first draft and made sure that I got everything "just right." (It would have taken hours for her to "peck type" it all out. They still haven't taught her how to type right in school.)

Keep your fingers crossed for her today, I am really proud of her!

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