Friday, August 22, 2008

I didn't say that... really

When I picked up Kaci from preschool today, I asked her teacher how Kaci was doing. She said that she was doing great and that she was really sharp! Then she kind of hesitated and said...

"On the first day of school, Kaci said you were so excited that school was starting because she is ALWAYS naughty!"

Yikes... What else does she say that the teacher doesn't want to repeat? Honestly, I didn't say that to her...

Maybe I should tell the teacher about the stories Kaci makes up about school! Like the one about a real princess being at their school who hides behind the curtains (there are no curtains at the school) when the parents come!

I just laughed it off, but for the next few weeks, I'm going to wonder what the teacher thinks of me. Remember my "Seasoned Mom" post? Maybe I should train her to say something nice about me at school on Monday!

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