Sunday, August 31, 2008



That's what I have to say to the fish who curse us.

Shanna had singing practice tonight. Tyler surprised me later by saying "Let's Go Fishing." Those words should not be said in our house.

They are cursed.

It got windy as soon as we got out of our car. We paid $10 to see the sun set and hear me yell at Kaci to stop climbing so high on the rocks.

Tyler's fishing line got in a big #$%&* knot.

We caught exactly zero fish

We spent some quality family time in the car together though... and the nice police man just flashed his brights at us as we sped past him trying to get there fast. Now if the fish really placed a curse on us, he would have pulled us over... right?

Since we like to inflict pain on ourselves, we will be trying again tomorrow.


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dandjyoung said...

So Sorry! Hope you have better luck. We are going to brave the state fair today! Wish us luck!