Monday, August 18, 2008

Preschool Girl

Miss Kaci started preschool today. She was NOT nervous at all. She told us the same thing Shanna did on her first day of preschool:

"Can I walk in all by myself?"

Not only did she want to walk into her school by herself, she wanted us to stay in the car!

We compromised and walked in behind her.

Talk about having your heart ripped out - She didn't even tell us good bye! She marched in, threw her bag down and acted like she had been there a million times!

She had such a fun time. She was full of smiles and stories when I picked her up.

She has been chattering all afternoon. At one point, she said "Do you want me to say that again?"

I guess it was obvious even to her that I wasn't listening!! She wanted to know if I knew why she comes into our room at night. The answer? "Because of monsters." After I told her that monsters weren't real, she said "I know, and you weren't listening to me, huh?!" Busted!

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Chady said...

Almost the same thing happened to me with Kayla. First of all, I didn't want her to go to school, 2nd, its a full day :( But she begged me. Today she informed me that she didn't need the boys helping her to and from class, she could do it by herself. These girls...they grow up so much faster and are so independent. Arghh. Don't they realize their moms want to coddle them still?