Sunday, August 03, 2008

What A Weekend!

Our goal lately is to have fun and get the most out of every day. This weekend, we did just that!

I'll start with our anniversary. We found the BEST new babysitter (Once again, thanks to Robyn) We had a great time, Tyler bought me my first fishing license, (just a coincidence that it was our anniversary) and bike shoes and clips. I have been having a blast riding with my feet clipped in. He is so awesome! I am ready for some real mountain biking now! My favorite date that we went on (besides the drive in movie when he proposed) was mountain biking at Hewlett's Gulch in Colorado. We are both mountain people by nature and feel so peaceful there.

Saturday, Tyler went and rode a trail with a friend early in the morning. Shanna went to a play (High School Musical) and then dinner with one of her friends and had her first sleepover ever. That was a big "letting go" moment for me. But, it was a positive experience for everyone.

We took Kaci to an indoor play place with the inflatable jumping houses. She and Tyler played like crazy people. I laughed harder that I have laughed in a long time. Tyler is the best daddy! He was like a little boy running and jumping and throwing himself down the slides. Kaci just soaked up the attention and had such a fun time! We ran a few more errands and then ended the day fishing at a pond. The personalized attention was so good for Kaci, and letting Shanna have more privileges was good for her. It is hard to differentiate between an 8 year old and a 3 year old sometimes, but this weekend I think we did pretty good.

Sara is a happy sunshine in my life. She has been sleeping through the night and smiling at me during the day. She is so sweet, and I look at her and just soak up her sweetness. It is hard to imagine her someday being a pre-teen with an attitude. It feels like yesterday that Shanna was a sweet little baby who could do no wrong. Parenthood is a crazy journey that comes with no instruction manual. You think you have things figured out, but then in an instant, things change and you have new challenges to overcome.

We got Rockband for our Wii, and it is crazy fun. I still like the Wii Fit better, but I have to admit, my arms are sore from drumming!

Our garden is going pretty good with the heat, but I really have been wanting to grow herbs inside. So today we painted an old fashioned water pitcher stand black to match our kitchen table and I'm going to plant an herb garden for the kitchen. I am so jazzed that it is just the right size and that it turned out so nice!

And (drum roll please....) It's Football time!! Colts on TV tonight... Let the fun begin!


Anonymous said...

we are also currently watching the Colts game. isn't it nice to have football on again?

thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kristy said...

You need to take a picture and post it of the herb garden. I have always thought that would be fun. Yes, my kids are in year round school. At first I thought I would hate it, but I really really love it. They seem to retain so much more when they only have 6 weeks for summer. And they also don't get so burnt out during the year because they get a break every 9 weeks. Now if I worked outside of the house it would be difficult to find a sitter, but I am lucky enough to work from home. Count those blessings.